Who We Are

Meet Emma & Jess 👋

We are Emma and Jess, and we are two dog lovers who are trained in hydrotherapy specifically for canines!

Having worked together in a previous facility which sadly closed, we know each other well and saw a chance to work together indefinitely doing what we both love. Together we have a combined experience of over twelve years working with dogs and ten years working in canine hydrotherapy.

Benson’s Mum (Emma)

“Working as a Hydrotherapist is one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of. Helping dogs recover from an injury, or help reduce their pain, manage life-long conditions, and improve their quality of life is what the job is all about. I was finally able to extend my family in July 2021, by bringing home a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, who we named Benson. My very own ginger ninja!”

Katy’s Mum (Jessica)

“We never really had a dog in the family until 2016 when Katy chose us and we couldn’t say no. She wasn’t the easiest dog for a first dog. More of a crash course in dog behaviour and rehabilitation. It was during Katy’s rehabilitation after knee surgery I really learnt about hydrotherapy and wanted to be a part of it. Despite her hating water it was so beneficial for her recovery.”

Our Story

When the company we were working for closed, we decided to unite and create a dog hydrotherapy centre of our own. It’s our passion to continue helping dogs to lead mobile and happy lives.

We love dogs and we love to see their physical progress, their joy and watch their confidence grow through our hydrotherapy treatments. It is such a rewarding job to be able to help not just a dog, but someone’s best friend.

We understand that pooches are not just pets, they are the heart of your family and that their wellbeing means everything to you. That’s why it means everything to us too. We’re on cloud ca-nine every time we get a good result from a session, or we hear how much better they’re moving afterwards. It’s a paw-sitively amazing feeling.

Qualified Hydrotherapy Professionals


Emma holds an ABC Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals. This means she has been trained in:

✅ Management of medical conditions for hydrotherapy 

✅ Management of common orthopaedic and neurological conditions in hydrotherapy

✅ Small animal first aid (refreshed every 2 years)

✅ Hydrotherapy treatment to small animals

✅ Assessing animal’s suitability for hydrotherapy

✅ Anatomy and physiology 

Emma also holds a diploma in small animal psychology. Yes, that is a real thing!


Jess has a Level 3 extended diploma in animal management from EDEXCEL, as well as a level 3 certificate in canine hydrotherapy from OCNLR. She also has training and experience in:

✅ Water management

✅ Canine first aid

✅ Anatomy and physiology

✅ Orthopaedic and neurological conditions

✅ Treating and managing hydrotherapy patients through observed practice

NARCH Registered Hydrotherapists

We are also both registered with NARCH* (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists), this means most insurance companies are willing to cover a number of sessions.

We are also required to obtain 20 hours of CPD (continued professional development) per year, so we can stay up to date on new medical developments/techniques, advance our current knowledge and continue our learning.

*Will be NARCH registered once open

Don't just take our word for it! ⭐