Baxter Bounces Back

Meet Baxter

This is Baxter, an 18 month old Australian Labradoodle, who was diagnosed with Steroid responsive Meningitis when he was 6 months old.

As with many dogs who are put on steroids, Baxter became very greedy and ended up putting on quite a lot of weight.

Baxter started swimming with us in May and weighed in at 22.50kgs.

After just under 5 months of weekly swimming (along with diet and exercise at home) he weighed in at 18.40kgs.

Gradually he was weaned off the steroids, and is now completely free of them.

When he first started his sessions he wore a buoyancy jacket, as he wasn’t that fit and needed the support.

Once his fitness had improved, we moved him into a harness, which has no additional buoyancy and would make him work harder. 

Baxter managed to increase the number of laps he did in each session a little at a time, so not only has his cardiovascular fitness improved but also his muscle stamina.

Not only has he lost weight, but his overall fitness has improved, he is playing with other dogs on walks, and his owners now have a puppy.

They now say, “he is the fastest dog in the park”.