Keeping up with Kaiser

Meet Kaiser

This is Kaiser, a 12 year old German Shepherd- who broke his carpus several years ago, and has developed compensatory issues. He now also has several areas of DJD.

Kaiser was a working dog, so was incredibly fit with excellent muscle tone. This sadly deteriorated due to his conditions.

We measured all his limbs on his first session, and again on his tenth session.

His hind limbs had increased in muscle mass by approximately 6cm and his front by approximately 4cm.


We noted that when he first started his sessions, he had reduced protraction in his front limbs, with his right side being worse, and slightly reduced ROM in his hind limbs, mostly a reduction of extension from his hips.

We started by doing straight laps of the pool with even quantities and left and right turns, to try and build even muscle tone and build on his fitness level.

We then started incorporating circles in both directions to get different movement from his front limbs.


As sessions progressed, his ROM in his hind limbs improved quickly and achieves full and fluid movement. He still usually presents with slightly shorter protraction in his front right, but the movement improves after a few laps.

Kaiser’s fitness levels have also improved, by achieving almost double the workload from his first session!

We always remain hands on with him during his swim time, to encourage the best movement from him during his time in the pool. This also enables us to give detailed reports to his owners, who monitor him closely, and if required to other therapists who work with him.