Services & Pricing

Register with Barkshire

If you wish to book a visit, you can register as a new customer through this form and we will be in touch to arrange your next steps. 


  • Initial Consultation – £50 
  • Single Therapist Session – £40
  • Double Therapist Session – £45
  • Single Therapist Session (11 sessions) – £400
  • Double Therapist Session (11 sessions) – £450


Pricing is for both rehab and fun/fitness sessions.

From February 2024, prices will be:

  • Initial Consultation – £50
  • Single Therapist Session- £42
  • Double Therapist Session – £47
  • Single Therapist Session (11 sessions)- £420
  • Double Therapist Session (11 sessions)- £470
Please note that we are a cashless company and do not accept cash payments. We accept bank transfers and in person card payments.

Your First Session

For the first session, we book an hour. This gives us time to talk to you and go through your dog’s medical history, get to know your pup a little before we go in the pool, and it gives them a chance to get used to the surroundings.

Before we go in the pool we will take measurements of your dog’s limbs, we do this on the first session and every 5/6 sessions going forward so we can track muscle progression. We will also weigh your dog and take videos of them moving. We will give your pup a quick all over body check, and then fit them with a life jacket or harness. Once we have done this, we will lead them up our ramp and into our 6 metre by 3 metre pool. There will always be at least one therapist in the pool with your dog at all times, but during the first session there will always be two.

Your Bespoke Hydrotherapy Plan

Once you’ve had your initial consultation, we will discuss with you how we feel your pup did during the session, and what treatment plan would be best going forward.

We will explain how often we would advise coming to sessions and answer any questions you may have. Sessions after this are half an hour – 25 minutes in the pool (the amount of swimming done in this time will be different for every dog), and 5 minutes for washing and drying. We will always communicate with you how we feel your dog is doing during each session, where we are seeing improvements, and any changes we feel might be necessary to the treatment plan.

We keep the water temperature between 27-31 degrees and test our chemical levels (chlorine) at least 3 times a day and have it professionally lab tested every month to ensure we keep the highest health and hygiene standards.