Why choose us?

What it means to be a NARCH Registered Centre

All RCH’s (registered canine hydrotherapists) are trained to a certain standard – Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy as a minimum- this means we are trained in:
Orthopaedic conditions, neurological conditions, animal first aid, water management, properties of water and anatomy and physiology.
We are able to process insurance claims.
We do several daily pool tests to make sure the chemical levels are correct to keep the water clean and safe. Also monthly microbiological test at a laboratory for additional tests.
We must obtain veterinary consent before we have any dog in our pool, we also obtain a full clinical history, this ensures we know all about your dog- skin allergies, ear infections, orthopaedic or soft tissue problems, so we can provide the best treatment possible.
(more information can be found on the NARCH website NARCH | National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists – Home).

Keeping the pool between 28-31 degrees—we keep our pool at 30 degrees as this temperature provides the maximum therapeutic benefit to our dogs.

We must obtain 25 hours a year CPD (continued professional development).
Our canine first aid must be refreshed every 2 years.
We fit your dogs with a buoyancy jacket- our jackets are designed to provide support around the dogs chest, under the body and around the body. This ensures a neutral spinal position and natural swimming posture.

At Barkshire Hydrotherapy, we also provide:

  • Bespoke treatment plans to ensure every dog gets the most out of their rehabilitation sessions.
  • Hands-on service


What does it mean to be hands-on?

We can encourage better movement from your dog’s limbs, which will improve flexibility and encourage them to work harder, helping to improve strength and stamina.

We can correct gait, by placing hands on certain areas we can encourage the most ‘normal’ gait pattern possible- which will also help to build muscles in the correct places to support your dog’s limbs.

We can feel for any heat of swelling from joints.

We can feel for movement within unstable joints.

We can feel for muscle fatigue.

We also provide extra support where needed when building confidence in the water

We provide 1-2-1 sessions. Your dog is the only dog in the pool at any time. However, we can also swim 2 dogs at a time from the same family.

We have 2 therapists on site, so we can offer 1 or 2 therapist swims depending on your dog’s needs.

We measure limbs on the 1st session, and usually on their 10th session to monitor muscle growth and track progression.

During the initial consultation, we do a thorough body assessment, looking at muscle mass, stance/gait and postural analysis.

We offer a shampoo wash and dry after each session (towels and blow dryer).